Close Friend Wedding Speech

Today I’d like to talk about a speech that rarely happens at most weddings, but a blog on wedding speeches just wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t include it.

What kind of wedding speech am I talking about?

I’m talking about a speech made by a best friend or maybe a relative. Usually someone who you are close with, but isn’t normally expected to make a speech.

What are you required to say in this kind of speech? Well, like most of the non-traditional wedding speeches, it’s completely up to you. You are completely free to say what you like about the happy couple.

Wedding Speech

Here’s an idea for how you might like to structure a speech like this:

Step 1: As always, you should thank the Master of Ceremonies for introducing you and your speech.

Step 2: It’s a good idea to start by explaining your relationship to the couple, and why you wanted to say a few words.

Step 3: Another nice touch to thank the bride and groom for letting you speak, or for asking you to speak.

Step 4: Here could be a few words about what the day has meant to you, and what it means for to you for the bride and groom to be married.

Step 5: If you have any good stories about either the bride or the groom, here would be a good place to include them. Funny stories would be good as well, to add some humor into your speech.

Step 6: One thing you could talk about in this kind of wedding speech is how the couple are when they are together. If you know either the groom or the bride better, maybe you could talk about how they seem when they are with their spouse.

Step 7: Here you could give some advice to the couple, maybe in a humorous way rather than too seriously.

Step 8: Before you finish your speech here, you can offer the bride and groom happiness for the future, or any similar gesture that appeals to you.

That wraps this post up. Hope you’ve found this useful.

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